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I know none of you will listen to this bit of advice re your dress. But if you have the courage, make sure your dress is a couple of feet off the ground – coming down to just above you’re ankles. Don’t go for these long trains, long veiled dresses. They only look good on you while standing in the bridal store looking at yourself in the mirror, otherwise they ARE A GREAT PAIN IN THE BUTT on the day of. All day long getting caught on things, making it difficult for you to sit and move and go to the bathroom. Thrashing all around you collecting dirt. People always stepping on it. Tiresome to log around, always the need to have someone trailing behind you to make sure that its well displayed etc. A dress that ends just above the ankles with make you’re day so much more enjoyable. Easy to move around and sit in – easier to go to the bathroom in. Easier to dance in. Easier to take off… 😉

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