Best Wedding Plan

Done all in one location. Normally at a resort or hotel. Both families check in the night before. On the morning of  the women go to the beauty parlor on the premises to have their make up and hair done. Or even better have a personal make up artist and hairstylist come up to their room. Then the Groom Side comes downstairs to have their photos taken. Then the Bride side. Then the ceremony on the premises done by an officiant. Then some more photos with families etc and then the party. At the end, drunk and staggering you make you’re way to the elevators and go up to your rooms. The next morning both families get up and have a leisurely breakfast together before going home to their respective homes. Job accomplished. All in one place, no traveling, no worries about anyone getting lost or in accidents. No rushing around various locations which allows more time to go about things at a leisurely pace and more time to enjoy your day and guests.

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